Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Longtime store still relevant

By Alexis Archilla

PLATTSBURGH N.Y­ In this college town, there are very few convenient stores that have been

around for the public to buy goods. Needless to say there are very few stores that have a long

history like Chuck Wagon.

Chuck Delcore took over the store in 1969 which originally was a pharmacy. The

pharmacy was named after Chuck Ferrington.

“It made sense to leave the name” said Delcore. Mr. Delcore, not only owns Chuck

Wagon which is located on 121 Brinkerhoff street but also owns the laundromat on Williams

Street and two apartments.

One apartment that is right above Zukes Deli and the other that is upstairs of Chuck

Wagons. This helps out college kids or locals find a place to live. So far it’s been forty seven

years and still going strong.

“ We have many customers coming in, most are college students but some are locals that

come every day” said Chuck.

One person that loves Chuck Wagons that is so called a “regular customer” goes by the

name of Sharon Raymond. Mrs. Raymond has been going to the store for two years just about

everyday for lunch.

“I usually get michigan's which is one of their specials on the menu or I just enjoy a nice

sandwich” said Raymond.

It’s a great place to eat and get to know people, maybe that’s why they have been around

for so long.”

Her experience there has made her feel very welcome every time she steps through the

door. “They are very caring people who treat everybody equally, even those with disabilities”

says Raymond.

His family has been a big help with the process of keeping his business running


His daughter, Kim Delcore, has been working in the family business for thirty two years.

She started when she was eighteen years old and has loved it ever since.

“I don’t come to work and hate working, something funny happens every day” says Delcore.

Unlike Express Lane and other stores. Chuck Wagon’s or Chuck’s which some people

call the store for short, use to deliver Sandwiches and alcohol to dorms and houses back when

the drinking age was eighteen which was in 1982.

“Yes we run our store on college kids” Ms. Delcore said. “It’s good to be busy through

the school year and then have a break in the summers, even though the days are a lot slower”.

The Delcores have helped numerous people by giving them jobs at their store. One young

man by the name of James Oliver has been working with the family for seven years.

Mr. Oliver suffers from ADHD which was caused by his brain injury, but even though he

suffers from this illness he seeks many positives while working in the store.

“ I love working and meeting new students every year” said Mr. Oliver.

Mr. Oliver, who is thirty years old, feels at home when he is at the store and wouldn’t rather be

anywhere else.

“Chuck and his family have taught me a lot about work ethic” said Oliver.

Even when I’m not here working, I like being here because the regulars are like family.”

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