Tuesday, April 26, 2016

All GMO's now labeled

By Emily Gregoire

VERMONT – July 1 marks the beginning of the Genetically Modified Organism Labeling Law.

Products that are not labeled as either having genetically modified ingredients or as GMO free can

potentially be fined for thousands.

“Every food product manufactured and distributed should be labeled as GMO or GMO free,” said Diana

Garces, employee of Conroy’s Organics located in West Chazy N.y.

The labeling law is targeted towards ‘willful violators’. Those who are willfully noncompliant will be


According to the New York Times, violators can faces fines amounting up to $1,000 per day, per product,

but not based on the number of individual packages.

Meat, honey, plain milk or eggs are exempt from the labeling law, even if the animal that produced

these products was fed or injected with food or drugs that have been genetically engineered.

The labeling law also exempts alcohol, and frozen dinners containing meat or poultry.

“As a store we have similar views [to the labeling law]. GMOs should be labeled just as something

containing nuts is labeled,” said Garces.

Not many people are completely aware about the use of GMOs in large agriculture crop farming.

“The FDA should play a part in educating the public about GMOs and self-educating should be part of it

as well,” said Garces.

The GMO labeling law acknowledges the lack of concern Americans have about what they consume and

how it may affect them.  

“I’d say it’s around 50/50. Some people know what it is and others just don’t,” said Tara Fournier of

Vermont’s Hog Island Organic, located in Swanton.

GMOs make a larger social impact when used directly on animals versus large crops. The emotional

appeal of genetically modifying an animal, rather than plants has created buzz only around one aspect of


Genetically modified organisms have enabled a longer shelf life of food, but the consequences of that

have yet to reveal themselves.

“GMOs seem a little scary. I read something about how an apple was tested for GMOs and the

researchers found cells that were identical to those found in a scorpion,” said Cameron LaMare, a

Plattsburgh local.

Using GMOs creates a large area for uncertainty, which also is caused by a lack of public awareness on

the issue.

Trends in eating fads come and go. Genetically modified organisms are more than just a fad for active

and aware consumers.

“Producing food isn’t just as simple has people having their own personal organic gardens. In a way it’s

corrupt. GMOs allow for higher quantities of food to be produced which increases profits and profits

only,” said Xavier Viskovich.

LaMare and Viskovich, both local to Plattsburgh have previous experience with farming on an intimate,

family garden level.

“If food was produced for the good of others, instead of for the wealth of a few, GMOs would have

never been designed,” said Viskovich.

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