Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fresh, organic and delicious

By Kristen Suarez

PLATTSBURGH N.Y — As you take the beautiful ride out to West Chazy you’ll notice

amongst the open land a large wooden house called Conroy’s Organics. Upon entering

the café the smell of fresh baked goodies and bacon hits you. Out from the back comes a

peppy 5’0 woman by the name of Tracy-Vicory Rosenquest, the owner of the café,

carrying a plate full of freshly smoked bacon.

“Tracy is a great business partner. She's willing, and always has been, to put herself in

tough situations and see her way through.” Christopher Rosenquest, husband and co-

owner, said.

During the summer you can swing by the café for some good music, food, and bounding

on the farm outback. Rosenquest is not only a woman business owner, but also a

playwright and lover of community building with many talents.

She grew up in a small town in Kansas, where she spent her childhood. During high

school she was involved in many activities such as book photographer, tennis team, track,

and the national honors society.

“One day she came home from school, sat down in the kitchen chair and started to cry.

She was overwhelmed with all that she was required to complete in that period of time. I

said to her, “Tracy, do you need to drop out of some of these things?” Her response at 16

or 17 was “not yet”. To which she got up, went upstairs, got focused, and went forth. She

dropped out of none of her activities and finished each with a high level of integrity.”

Susan Victory, mother, said.

She then moved to Minneapolis where she attended Gustavus Adolphus College for

undergrad studying religion and woman’s gender studies. It wasn’t until 2002 during her

final year that she discovered her passion for creative writing during an independent


Rosenquest moved on to work for a non-for-profit in 2004, helping homeless families

find a home. She felt the work she was doing was important, but didn’t feel like she was

good at her job. One day her boss told her about a program called Landmark Worldwide,

a company that offers personal development programs. She took the course to help

further her creative writing.

“When I did my landmark form, it completely altered the actions I took in reality and

when you alter the actions you take you begin doing things that you were previously just

talked about and now create action in your life.”

After attending the form she realized she had strong passion for playwriting. She began

writing and producing scripts through Fringe Festival in Minneapolis.

“It’s been 12 years since I’ve done that course, and now I lead a program with the

company called the self-expression and leadership program. And people take on

community projects on important things that matter to them and develop themselves as

leaders in their community” she said.

In 2007, she moved to Port Townsend WA, where she attended Goddard College,

graduating with a MFA in creative writing. She began creating work that tied in human

thinking, and experiences.

“I think the thing that I love about play writing and producing is it’s not just this thing

I’m doing, it’s creative work that the community is creating for themselves, and for a

wider community.”

After graduating in 2009, Rosenquest worked for The Young Playwright Program, where

she taught students of all ages to write plays, and produce them.

“When I watched these kids preform I was so moved I thought, “wow this is real theatre.”

When something authentic can be expressed. It’s not all the fancy hoopla but its all real

so authentic, and speaking of humanity.” Rosenquest said.

Then in 2013, an opportunity arose for Rosenquest’s husband. They moved back to his

hometown, Plattsburgh, where he ran for mayor.

“He was the third candidate, and it was the crazy most awesome experience. It was a real

clear experience to have an impact on a higher level than just oh yeah I volunteer.”

Rosenquest said.

The couple brought up conversations around creating different possibilities in

Plattsburgh, and asking the community what the people want. After loosing the race they

began taking on multiple community project around Plattsburgh, such as the International

Film Festival, which has been held the last three years.

In 2015, Shawna Kelty, theatre faculty at SUNY Plattsburgh, reached out to Rosenquest

in regards to producing a play she wrote through the SUNY Plattsburgh Theatre


Throughout the last year she has worked on developing, and producing her play called

First Born. Her script was used in a theatre class, and was preformed March 3-6th at

SUNY Plattsburgh.

“Delving into Tracy's mind and piecing together her story was something I'll never

forget. Working with the playwright is interesting because you get to develop certain

characteristics and then tweak them to make them your own. It was challenging as an

actor, but seeing the story through Tracy's eyes was remarkable.” Audra Colino, SUNY

Plattsburgh student said.

Rosenquest was given a $2,000 budget for design, along with a director, and full artist

team to help produce First Born. After positive feedback from all who saw the show,

Rosenquest intends on continuing to produce, and develop the script.

“Tracy was so into the art and telling the story that ego was infused into a collaborative

work. I am working with her again developing a piece and love working with her equally

as much on this. She’s a treasure of the North Country and I am glad to have gotten to

work with her.”  Timothy Wagner, director of First Born, said.

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