Wednesday, September 30, 2015

No more Big Macs?

By: Sarah McMullen

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. - Creamy milkshakes, juicy hamburgers, and crispy fries are the bread and butter of the McDonald’s retro menu. Speaking of retro, McDonald has been a household name since the early 1940's. It has become largest fast food restaurant in the world.

            The twenty first century has shed a light on the harms that McDonald's food is causes people. Foods high in fats and non organic meat, fruits and vegetables are no longer acceptable as good food choice in today’s society.

            As a result of the changes in food preferences of people McDonald's has economically been feeling the changes of peoples tastes bud. That poses the question whether the two Plattsburgh location are in jeopardy of closing their doors. Kaila Young, a college student at SUNY Plattsburgh said “I honestly would rather spend the extra 10 dollars and go to Chipotle because I know that the food is organic and healthy.” Young is a person who monitors everything she puts into her body and McDonald's is not an option because of the amount of salt and fat.

            Young isn’t the only student backing off McDonald’s dollar menu Brianne Reilly is a nutrition major at SUNY Plattsburgh. Through Reilly’s studies she has seen how bad McDonalds food is and how unnatural their ingredients are. Reilly said, “McDonald’s food causes high blood pressure and weight gain. I really don’t want to eat food that does that to my body.” 

            On the other hand there are some local Plattsburghians who enjoy eating a big mac and a large fries. The two local McDonald's have been around for over 10 years. For some it had become a staple in their everyday diet. Either because of cost efficiency and fast service.Taylor Mignone a past McDonald's employee loved the food she served. She would eat it once in a while and it did not drastically affect her health. Mignone said, "It's a cheap meal and if you choose the right things off the menu its actually not that unhealthy." Mignone had dealt with all the McDonald's job duties. From cleaning the bathroom to flipping burgers on the grill. She insisted that all the ingredients were up to par. She went on to say that McDonald's in town is thriving with business and she would be shocked to see it close down for business. Mignone also went on to say that McDonald's does not nationally own its franchises they are owned by private investors.

Another supporter of McDonald's, Kailey Wolin, a local of the Plattsburgh area. Wolin frequents the McDonald's on Cornelia street at least a couple time a month. She will grab a quick breakfast and coffee on her way to work. Wolin said, "The food tastes great and its super budget friendly." Wolin shared how she would be upset it the Cornelia Street McDonald's would close. However she would understand because many people have adapted a healthy lifestyle.

            Even local competitors are feeling the change in peoples eating habits. Erin Byrnes a employee at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit has noticed a difference of people orders and choices off the menu. Brynes said, I have been working here for 2 years and I have seen regulars come in and start ordering salads instead of pulled pork sandwiches.” There has also been a decrease in the amount of costumers Byrnes continued to talk about how once regulars have become once in a while costumers. Byrnes hopes that business will pick back up.
            It seems like many fast food restaurants are struggling in the form of people seeking out healthier options. McDonald's is a 75 year old business that has been grown into a fast food empire no matter the nutritional findings. Will this generation be the ones to push McDonald's to close it’s doors. 


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