Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Puppies of Plattsburgh

By Sarah McMullen

PLATTSBURGH N.Y- From a shaggy mutt to a pampered purebred, all dogs are welcome at the Clinton County Canine Club, a non for profit organization that educates people how to train their dogs. The club is a membership only organization that focuses on the making the dog community more knowledgeable and safe for both people and pups.

            The Canine club offers a variety of services. There are six committees within the club; Agility, outreach, match, spay/neuter, and training. These programs are available to those who are members to the program. There is an application that is available online along with class options and schedules. The class options are 8 to 9 weekly, 45 to 60 minute classes. The classes are priced moderately at 75 dollars. Which poses the question why are classes not being filled?

            Though the classes at the Clinton County Canine Club, CCCC, are affordable and are available all year round. Not many community members are signing up to participate in the classes or get their dog neutered/ spayed foe a reduced rate. Tatiana Windley, a Plattsburgh local and dog owner, had no idea the CCCC even existed. Windley who has a beagle and pug mix wishes that she would have taken advantage of the reduced prices of neutering her dog. Windley said, “I would have liked to know about this club. Owning a dog is really expensive so every cent saved is a big help.” Windley went on to say that she adopted her dog from the Elmore SPCA which didn’t inform her about the CCCC.
            Volunteers at the Elmore SPCA like Vicky Scott, are supporters of the CCCC. Through volunteer work they have seen dogs with severe behavioral problems that could have benefitted from attending training programs by the CCCC. Scott Said, “Since I have been volunteering, I’ve seen many dogs be brought in because their owners cannot handle them anymore.” Scott went on to elaborate about how she has seen adopted dogs go through training programs and change their behavior for the better.
            After many studies, it has been found that 90 percent of dog behavior is a direct result of training and enabling of the owner. According to Sarah Cutler a veterinarian in Westchester County, dogs are as much trained as their owners train them. Cutler said, “It is absolutely crucial to socialize and train your dog. Dogs who are not properly trained sometime develop behavioral issue and in a small amount of cases need to be euthanized.” Cutler continued to say that this problem is a rising epidemic in many communities so to have an organization that provides moderately priced training is a great resource for dog owners.
            One Plattsburgh dog owner that has participated in training classes for her dog is another local. Victoria Eastman just adopted her dog last month and has enrolled in the next session of training classes. Eastman has had many dogs before and has taken them to get professionally trained. However the training has cost over one hundred dollars. Eastman said she doesn’t mind spending money on training her dogs because she doesn’t want to have to give them away for behavioral problems. Eastman said, “It’s a great club to be a part of. I wish more of my friends took advantage of their service so that their dogs were more well behaved.”

After researching this topic many people of the Plattsburgh are have no idea that the Clinton County Canine Club exists. The CCCC is a helpful service that educates owners and their furry friends. So why not take advantage of it?

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