Thursday, October 8, 2015

Womens rights

By Antonea Griffin

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y – In society today, women are looked at as incapable, weak-minded individuals, says some men. Though times have changed and the world still goes on, women still lack basic freedom and opportunities as well as face huge inequalities within the world of work.


            The focus that are being looked at with workplace inequalities is that women are being held back from working in corporations and other jobs because of the idea of maternity leave and finding someone to watch the child.


            But it doesn’t just have to do with being a mom because even women who aren’t moms go through inequality in the workplace.


            The Women Ice Hockey Team assistant coach is a female and when you hear the word hockey most people look at that as a sport for males. But women are just as capable and athletic; which some are better, as guys. The Women Hockey team has won multiple games and championships.  The Women team averages out 500 fans a game, which is more than most male’s sports on campus with the exception of Men's hockey who has had a program for a lot longer than that of the Women's team.


            Danielle Blanchard, Women’s Ice Hockey Coaching Staff, “I don't think that the Women's game is a sport only looked at in the eyes of males and I don't believe that I coach in a sport that is dominated by males.  I would understand if I was coaching a men's team but I am coaching a Women's game. Women's hockey is a completely different game than that of the Men's game and many people have come to appreciate the difference.”  


            Although women look as if they are not capable of completing the job there are a lot of women who set great examples to show it’s not about who’s doing it, its about how its being done and if the job is being completed.


            Janet L. Duprey, Council Assembly Woman,


“ Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about hanging the way the world perceives that strength”, said G.D. Anderson.


Connie Oxford, Gender Women Studies Professor,



Leigh Mundy, Rotary International/Secretary for The Strands Center for Arts, 


Butterfly Blaise, Title IX Coordinator,


Inequality has played such a big role in society today and each different characteristics of it are shown how we are divided as people. Whether it’s through gender, social class, economic, wealth and many more.


An example of inequality is the upcoming elections, on the next president of the United States of America. There have been on going debates between Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump. Donald Trump criticizes Fiorina looks and bashes her and the work she does in her business career. Trump, who is also a candidate, shows a massive amount of sexism and bullying on live TV. Although he tries to explain his reasoning’s on why she wouldn’t be a great fit, in his own perspective, do you think this was a good idea?

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